What should I keep in mind when hiring or reviewing my life insurance?

Having a life insurance is a necessity today. Life insurance is a product that protects us against unforeseen events such as death or disability, or problems that will not be covered by social security such as widowhood, orphanage or disability.

But is it worth it to spend money on life insurance?

Nowadays, the main point to take into account when contracting a life insurance is the pension, since, if you pay for the general Social Security scheme or you are an official, there are some contribution limits, as well as a pension maximum, so that, if your income is high, the pension you get may be much lower than your income.

To think that a social security pension will be generated or to believe that what is received from it will be enough is an error when deciding whether to hire or renew my life insurance.

Also, keep in mind that it is not necessary to link life insurance to the mortgage or other loans.

It is important to know that life insurance covers a need that we must assess previously, and that, in general, financial entities sell products with a price much higher than what we can get outside of their intervention.

At ABR we give you the possibility to choose the life insurance that best suits your needs. We like to be able to choose, and you?


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