The civil responsibility of health societies

In the field of professional civil liability, not only people have (forgive the redundancy) responsibility. It also has the medical societies through which perform medical acts. As subjects of responsibility, we will tell you everything you need to know about the Civil Liability Insurance of Companies, which is, let’s not forget, mandatory to subscribe.

When a health professional performs a practice through a medical center or clinic, is exposed to the patient can file a claim if there is a problem in that intervention, that is why there are Professional Civil Liability insurance. But in that case the responsibility derived from the practice is not only inherent in the negligence of the worker, but also falls on the company, which is the one that appears on the invoices and ultimately with whom the patient maintains the contractual relationship.

As we have just explained, company liability insurance is very necessary for the medical center to remain protected from these possible claims arising from the praxis of its workers. Not only is it very necessary, but it is mandatory: “Professional societies must stipulate insurance covering the responsibility they may incur in the exercise of the activity or activities that constitute the corporate purpose”, Article 11.3 of Law 2 / 2007 of March 15 of professional societies.

In this case, from ABR we recommend a Health Insurance Company Liability Insurance that fully and completely protects your patients, the administration, the media, the professional associations and the administration with a specialized defense and assistance 24 hours a day. We also have the broadest coverage in the market with up to € 1,300,000 per claim and up to € 2,600,000 per annuity, from € 350 per year.

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