How to know if a health app is safe?

Knowing if a health app is safe is not an easy task. That is why last February, the Association of Researchers in eHealth (AIES) launched a platform to address the health bullos in the network.

One of the main problems is the false news that appears on the Internet, and the main tool to turn this news into hoaxes are social networks. “Forwarding a message to all contacts on WhatsApp or sharing it on social media profiles does not cost anything and is done in a simple way,” they report from the Salud sin Bulos website.

New technologies, among which we find health applications, allow users to create their own diagnoses of a specific disease. But can we trust what they tell us? Are health apps safe?

In 2017 alone, 78,000 new health apps were created and more than 3.7 million downloads were made, according to the annual mHealth Economics Program 2017 study of the ICT Foundation of Social Health of Catalonia.

So, to know if a health app is safe or not, the first thing that needs to be checked are the guarantee seals, as it could be the distinctive of AppSaludable. Another way to know is by looking at who is responsible for the application.

The app to create your personal health biography and calculate your healthy life index

The health app I Want to Take Care of DKV is a good example of a secure app. It is an apo with which the patient can know the Healthy Living Index and learn to improve the quality of life. The app allows health management through the mobile device, previously introducing personal and real data of each one in order to manage and monitor the day to day.

Quiero Cuidarme app incorporates tools to calculate the healthy life index, health indicators and action plans to achieve the marked health goals.


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