UNITECO Profesional sponsors the Fourth Balearic Physiotherapy Workshop: Present and Future of Specialties in Physiotherapy

Palma de Mallorca, October 11, 2018.- The Col.legi Oficial de Fisioterapeutes of the Balearic Islands and SATSE Baleares have organized the “Fourth Balearic Physiotherapy Conference: Present and Future of Specialties in Physiotherapy”, held in the Salon de acts of the San Juan de Dios Hospital (HSJD) of Palma de Mallorca attended by numerous members of the islands.

UNITECO Professional has been the sponsor of these conferences within the framework of the collaboration agreement that it has with the Col.legi de Fisioterapeutes of the Balearic Islands since December 2016.

The day focused on five specialties, neurological physiotherapy, sports, pelvic floor dysfunctions, pediatric physiotherapy and geriatric physiotherapy. Special emphasis was placed on the current therapeutic approaches and the strategic lines of the future.

Physiotherapy is directed towards the world of specialization, much more linked to medicine than it is today, claiming its space in primary care centers where in addition to doctors and nurses have the figure of family physiotherapy .

Advances in Neurology indicate the fundamental role of the physiotherapist, both in neurorehabilitation treatments and in pediatrics, where the need to expand knowledge in pediatric physiotherapy in neonatal units has been revealed.

Also during the conference was mentioned the lack of corporatism among the collective and the need to set strategic lines aimed at the advancement and development of a science and profession in expansion, Physiotherapy.


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